The Best Times To Post To Social Media

You asked. We answered.

When are the best times to post to your different social media accounts? That’s a battle that marketing professionals fight daily. You want to know when your target audience is on Twitter, scrolling through Facebook, or delving into a new YouTube playlist- because that’s when they’ll see your business’ post.

But here’s the hidden truth: it varies. And it varies by the audience. When you run  a paid social marketing campaign, Facebook will let you choose your target demographic, from their age, race, and gender to their socio-economic and educational background. That makes it easier for them to target the times and placements that the post will get the most traction.

But for those of you wanting to push out a standard Facebook post and still gain a solid organic reach, you need to strategically time out your post.

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From our strategic research, these are the times that we have come up with. Let it be known that this will vary by audience. For instance, say your business sells cleaning supplies and your target audience is a stay-at-home mom, you know she’ll probably be scrolling through social media channels aimlessly during carpool both in the morning and evening. Therefore, your business may want to break that time frame down even further, posting on Facebook between 2:30-3:30.

But for a generic sense of best audience gain, these are the times that we suggest for you.

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