THE REP SHOP is powered by Caissa Public Strategy, LLC., a national leader in crisis management and reputation protection services. Our approach has grown from developing strategic communications beyond the scope of traditional marketing moves. We can not only build and grow your brand, but we can manage and monitor your online reputation to make sure your business is who your customers see.

From accidents or rogue bloggers, to crazy customers posting negative reviews or competitors trashing you on social media, crises can occur in many forms. Quick, well-thought out action is necessary to protect your reputation and your bottom line.

Our team offers reputation protection services as a proactive approach through THE REP SHOP to help business owners dominate their industry.

THE REP SHOP includes more than just a reputation monitoring tool. We’ve built an entire suite of products that work together to provide a complete online branding solution for your business.


Unlike any other online branding shop, THE REP SHOP has an in-person, real-life team to help your business build a powerful reputation and navigate through any crisis both online and offline.

Our expert team is made up of crisis communications managers, public relations wizards, online branding experts, and strategic researchers. With our CEO Brian J. Stephens in charge, we can build and manage your business’ reputation better than any other shop out there.


The Rep Shop Team

Brian Stephens


Paige Walkup

Managing Director

Rick Masson

Senior Director

Gene Bryan

Director of Planning & Research

Mae Yearwood

Account Manager

Mary Frances Tanner

Account Manager

Jacob Ellerbee

Project Coordinator

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